2023 Legacy Awards

The Honorable Gerald D. Jennings Backstage Award

2023 Nominee: Benita Zahn

The Backstage Award will honor the service, accomplishments and contributions to the Albany Arts community by Gerald D. Jennings. The award is given to a venue or individual that supports the endeavors of other Arts organizations and therefore enhances the quality of life in our region. In addition, to recognize Mr. Jennings’ many years in Education, there is a scholarship or award given annually to assist a City of Albany Arts program or student focusing on performing, fine or culinary arts.

Karen Smith-Sfara Ovation Award

2023 Nominee: Annette Nanes & Scott Meyer

The Ovation Award honor the memory of Founding Member Karen Smith-Sfara. Karen was a pioneer in the wine industry and paved the way for women to gain entry into this field. Karen was instrumental in bringing the Albany Chefs’ Food and Wine Festival to fruition. The only thing that outweighed her passion and professionalism was her kindness and generosity. The Ovation Award is given to a Capital Region outstanding patron or organization demonstrating a significant contribution to the Arts in the City of Albany, through dedication of time, talent, expertise and/or personal financial contribution.

Spirit of the Industry Award

2023 Nominee: Matt Baumgartner

Presented with deep gratitude by our Board of Directors, this award honor the unending generosity, commitment to our community, the professionalism of our Region’s chefs and restaurateurs and the sincere spirit of giving back.

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